Thursday, March 29, 2007

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Day 28 - On the street where I live.

Ski Mount Southington

Closed for the season.

Southington Mountain

A personal landmark

Lake Compounce

These pictures were all taken on my street. Our house is right in the middle of two of Southingtons biggest landmarks.

About 2 miles down from our house is Mount Southington Ski Area. I'm not a big downhill skiier but we plan on taking Jonathan there when he is a bit older.

Our house is on Southington Mountain. The big rock is directly behind our house. This is a personal landmark for us because this is the spot where my husband proposed to me years ago. From up there you can see all of Apple Valley. On clear days you can see the state capital of Hartford, 20 miles away! Behind the rock is a beautiful reservoir and miles of hiking trails.

Located 2 miles down our street, in the opposite direction of the ski mountain is, Lake Compounce. Jonnie and I spend all summer here. Lake Compounce is the oldest Amusement park in the country. It opened in 1846 and has opened every year since then. I couldn't get a good photo of the park since it's surrounded by a fence and lots of trees. But the lake water was so green and pretty, I had to take a picture.

The park has quite a history. Legend has it that Chief Compounce sold his lake to white settlers in 1684. Apparently, the settlers bought the lake for pennies on the dollar. Once Chief Compounce found he'd been had, he tried to cross the lake in a copper kettle and drowned. It has been said this was a suicide. To this day there are ghost sightings and hauntings reported every year. Spooky!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Day 27 - Weekly Challenge - "Local Landmarks"

Click the photo to enlarge
and see the Mallard duck hanging out by the water.

A Mockingbird

Power walker

This week the photo challenge is "Local Landmarks".
My photos will be about my town, Southington, CT.

Today we visited the walking trail in town. A few years ago the town turned all of the old railroad tracks to walking trails. This is part of a "Rails to Trails" project on the East coast. The goal is to build walking and biking trails over vacant railroad tracks connecting Maine to Florida.

These pictures are of the trail and the things we saw along the way.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Day 26 - Tiles for America

Everytime I would go to NYC, there was one place I would always visit for certain... the World Trade Center Observation Deck. We would stand with our foreheads pressed to the window and stare down to the streets far, far below. And to complete our trip we would have to make a stop at the gift shop to buy an overpriced trinket.

But now, all thats left of the Trade Centers are memorials like Tiles For America to visit.

I know this post has a lot of pictures but I couldn't decide which ones to use. (I have about 20 more I chose not to use.) I'm really happy with how these shots came out.

Day 25 - Windows and Doors

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Day 24 - "And now I know. Spanish Harlem are not just pretty words to say."

OK so these pictures weren't actually taken in Spanish Harlem. But, I figured I would quote from an Elton song. Since he was the reason why I was in NYC in the first place.

I went with my sister to the Elton concert at MSG to celebrate his 60th Birthday. It was a blast. Three and a half hours of total Rock and Roll. A party from beginning to end! It was awesome.

We decided to go early and spend some time seeing the sights in NYC. We met up with our cousin, who is a New Yorker, and she showed us around. I got to see a whole new side of New York City. I always thought it was skyscrapers, lights and cabs. But there is so much more! My eyes were definitely opened to a whole new side of the city. And I'm in love with it! Thanks T!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Day 22 - "I never knew me a better time..."

Captain Fantastic!

Blowing kisses.

Happy 60th EJ!

Looking our way!

A dream come true for us.

Last night, I saw Sir Elton John in concert... FRONT ROW! I entered a contest run by a local radio station and won the tickets. Elton John is definitely one of my idols so to be within 15 feet of him was amazing. My friend Claire and I were in absolute awe for the first half an hour. I've never known anything like it. What an experience.

Elton rocked as usual. This 5 city tour (can you believe little Hartford, CT was a tour stop?!) is in celebration of his 60th birthday. He played 2 and a half hours straight --no pun intended ;)-- only stopping to sip his Diet Coke once in a while. His voice sounded better than ever. He is an icon!

I was dancing right in front of Elton the whole time! At one point he pointed to me and said, "Thank you!" I just about died. He came up to us and touched our hands too. He also smiled when he saw my "BITCH" shirt. I saw him in concert for the first time in Boston and I bought the shirt at that show. At one point Davey Johnstone, the guitarist, came up to me and gave me his pick. It was surreal! I never thought I would ever have an experience like that. A night I will never forget!

-Click the photos to enlarge them and check out his really cool shoes!-

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Day 21 - Cuteness

This is her, "Please come play outside with me." look.
She works it well.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Day 20 - Is Spring here yet?

This squirrel climbed up to the top of the umbrella and sat there a few minutes. It looked like he was searching for something. Or maybe he was just looking at all the snow and just couldn't believe today is the first day of Spring!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Day 19 - Action shot

I always have a hard time getting a good action shot. It's difficult to get one that really captures the moment. I was so happy to snap this photo while we were sledding in the backyard.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Day 18 - Weekly Challenge - "Blue"

Each week our photography group is doing a photo challenge. This weeks challenge is "Blue"

It took me all week to decide what I wanted to do for the challenge. So I decided to go with my most favorite blue item. That would be my Royal Daulton Pretty Lady. Her name is Adrienne.

Adrienne used to be my Grandmothers. When my sister and I were little she showed us a pair of Royal Daulton Pretty Ladies. She said that one day, we would each get to have one of them. I told her I wanted Adrienne and my sister picked a beautiful Victorian girl with a green dress and a hat.

Now, Adrienne is one of my most prized possesions. I had fun photographing her. Her facial expressions seemed to change with the light. I was glad when our "photoshoot" was over though. I was happy to see her back safe in the china cabinet, next to my Grandmothers vase.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Friday, March 16, 2007

Day 16 - Punxsutawney Phil was wrong!

So much for an early Spring! We got hit by a Nor'easter today. It started this morning and will last until tomorrow. We should get about 6-8 inches.

The birds were not happy about the snow this morning. You can see by the look on the bird's face - a Tufted Titmouse - that he is more than ready for Spring. At least Charlie had fun catching snowflakes on her tongue!